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I just wanted to send a simple email to say thank you. We have had some time to talk over dinner and reflect today over the craziness of the past few weeks. We realized that because of your guidance and advice, we are so grateful for you allowing us the luxury of feeling financially safe, and allowing us peace of mind of being in the financial position we are in right now. (Of course we cannot predict how long this quarantine will go on for, but that’s besides the point). I wanted to thank you for being so accessible and for also making sure that we were prepared for something like this. I’ve spoken to many colleagues over the last several weeks, and they don’t have half the guidance and support that you have given to us. I’m one of very few dentists right now that actually feel okay financially during this time.

– Juliana Y.

Bryan Koshers has directly contributed to my professional success. His precious advice and comprehensive knowledge about business is absolutely outstanding. The service that I have gotten throughout the past 15 years is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. I could not imagine practicing my profession without having him on my team. He is an indispensable advisor, mentor and coach.  He has always gone above and beyond to ensure that I am in the best position possible to succeed and thrive. I trust him implicitly and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with him. Quite frankly, I find myself raving about him to my colleagues and young professionals that I mentor.

– Dimitrious K.

Excellent accountant and business consultant. I am a dentist with a startup practice since 2010. I started with Bryan at the recommendation of my bank and never looked back. He was very encouraging and kind. Bryan gave me a clear plan on how to grow my practice, advised on when to hire, how much to spend, when to stop my associate job etc. Only someone who truly understands my business inside and out, which Bryan clearly does, can give such recommendations. He is clever, conscientious, approachable and always has your best interest in mind.

–  Eli H.

Bryan truly is as good as it gets. Not only does he know taxes and the general realm of accounting, he basically acts as a mobile CFO for small businesses. He can show you how to minimize costs and maximize gains. Bryan also understands networking and the nature of the business he oversees. If Bryan sees an opportunity or mutual benefit in connecting you with another one of his clients, he would not hesitate to discuss it with you. This has the potential to make your business prosper.

– Daniel W.

Bryan Koshers has been my accountant for a number of years (business and personal) and I could not be happier! He has helped me grow my start-up practice, purchase an office, plan and save for my family, and figured out ways we can save for a new house. He is incredibly smart, approachable and makes himself available at all hours of the day – which is important when you have 2 small kids at home and growing 2 practices. I have referred a number of friends to him and we are all happy. He is an honest, straight shooter and genuinely cares about his clients’ best interest. He understands business, finance and life. I look forward to my continued relationship with him and his company.

– Saju M.

Koshers & Company have handled both my personal and business accounting for many years and I would highly recommend them without reservation.  Bryan is straightforward, honest and I sleep soundly knowing all my taxes are being done properly.

– Robert J.

I have worked with many accountants but Bryan really stands out. He is the perfect combination of patient, smart and accessible. I don’t think you could find someone who fits the role of accountant/CFO better than him.

– Sam M.

I drove from New York City to meet Bryan for the fourth year. He is clearly the best accountant I have ever met and I will make sure that I maintain my professional relationship with him for the years to come.

– Gautam S.

Koshers & Company performs! I have used their services for several years now and am always impressed with the level of competence and professionalism. Running a New York City restaurant is no easy task, but with their help I’m able to focus on the day to day operations. They are a big part of my continued success.

– Roscoe J.

Bryan Koshers has been my accountant for several years, both for my business and personal needs. He has always taken the time throughout the year to work on tax planning and makes the tax return season as painless as possible. I have recommended his services to my clients, family and friends. Even my wife loves him!!!

– Jared L.

We have worked with Bryan for many years now and it is a pleasure to work with him. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, he understands his clients needs and makes himself readily available. He is the best accountant and I would highly recommend him.

– Zehra P.

Bryan Koshers from Koshers & Company has handled my tax returns and personal activity for many years. Bryan is personable honest, efficient, highly professional and has an intricate understanding of how the tax rules and regulations apply in different situations. I strongly recommend Koshers & Company without any hesitation, as I have been extremely satisfied over the years with the high quality of their services.

– David L.

Many years ago, a mutual client introduced Bryan Koshers to me as the best CPA he’s ever had. As I’ve gotten to know him and work with him, he’s lived up to those standards. Although Bryan specializes in working with physicians and dentists, his clients range from simple 1040’s to multi-million dollar companies. In an industry where service and “bedside manner” are as important as knowledge and skill, Bryan does not disappoint. Whether I’m recommending someone to him, or working with one of his existing clients, Bryan Koshers consistently exceeds their expectations.

– Warren G.

My professional and personal experiences dealing with Mr. Bryan Koshers and his firm has been nothing short of exceptional and top notch. All of the issues & problems that I had presented were handled professionally and expedited quickly despite the complicated nature of my business. Without the guidance and support of him and his firm I would not have had such a favorable outcome. Every dollar invested was well spent and I have complete trust in his knowledge and expertise. Never in any way have I felt misguided or confused. I look forward to working with him now and in the future. Again, I cannot express enough gratitude and thanks through my difficult transition.

– Steve P.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your enormous support and effort to help me realize my business partnership. Before I met you, my future partner and I had a lot of questions on how to get an agreement for our business plans. Your high professionalism and great negotiation skills made the process of partnership easier than I thought and most importantly fair for both of us. We are happy to move forward with our Dentistry work together as a team. I am very pleased to have met you and I am looking forward to working with you and your company in the future. I will be happy and confident to recommend your business services to anyone I know who needs an objective and professional opinion on these matters.

– Seth G.

I’m a dentist in Rhode Island and have been working with Bryan Koshers of Koshers and Company for over 3 years now. His personal service, expertise , prompt responses and experience working with many dentist has taken my practice to the next level!! He is not only a great accountant but also functions as a counselor of sorts to my business and his instincts are keen and never wrong – I highly recommend Koshers and company and definitely Bryan Koshers!!